(And Lee’s comments about the books)

The Bible is the primary book that you should read and study. Everything else you read should be evaluated in the light of the Bible. I like the New American Standard Bible or the New International Version. In addition to your regular devotional reading, I encourage you to memorize key verses of Scripture and to master one or two books of the New Testament.

Bolles, Richard Nelson The 1995 What Color Is Your Parachute? Ten Speed Press P O Box 7123 Berkeley, California 94707 copyright 1995 (This book is updated every year, so be sure to get the most recent edition. The subtitle of the book explains the subject: “A practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career- Changers.” The premise of the book is that you are a unique person with special gifts and abilities that should be nurtured and developed and that you should select a career that is closely related to your uniqueness. It is a very revealing and helpful experience to work through this book. It will help you find a job and/or career that will not only provide a livelihood but also joy and satisfaction.)

Brandt, Henry Ph.D. and Skinner, Kerry L. The Word for the Wise Broadman & Holman Publishers Nashville, Tennessee copyright 1995 (The book is a little difficult to locate unless you have a Baptist Book Store in your area. It is about making Scripture the heart of your counseling ministry. It is the best book on Biblical Counseling I have ever read. It could be very useful for any Christian in learning how to deal with life’s problems and difficulties in a godly way.)

Carbonell, Mels, Ph.D. Discover Your Gifted In Christ Uniquely You P. O. Box 490 Blue Ridge, GA 30513 1-800-501-0490 copyright 1996 (This is one of several profiles

available on human behavior from a Biblical perspective. It includes tests to determine spiritual gifts as well as personality types)

Delbridge, Lee Bible Based Christianity Smyrna Christian Church 910 Concord Road SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 770-435-1723 (This is a handbook of Scripture verses arranged by topic.)

Jones, Laurie Beth The Path, Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life. Hyperion New York copyright 1996 (This is probably the best book I have read on how to discover your purpose in life. Ms. Jones gives some very practical steps to help you discover your purpose in life.)

MacDonald, William; Edited by Art Farstad Believer’s Bible Commentary Thomas Nelson Publishers Nashville, TN copyright 1995 (I disagree with this author’s position on water baptism and on whether a saved person can be lost or not, but other than those two issues this is the best one volume commentary on the Bible that I have ever seen.)

McCarthy, Kevin W. The On-Purpose Person, Making Your Life Make Sense Pinon Press Navpress Publishing Group P O Box 35007 Colorado Springs, CO 80935 copyright 1992 (This is a modern parable of one man’s search for his purpose in life. I really enjoyed and benefited greatly from reading this book.)

LaHaye, Tim Your Temperament: Discover Its Potential Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illinois copyright 1984 (This book is now available as a paperback under the title Why We Act the Way we Do. Mr. LaHaye is a Baptist minister and this is an excellent book on personality types. If you only get one book on personality types, get this one.


How much time should a Christian give to the church and to his Christian activities?

A Christian should be a Christian 24/7 (24 hours per day, 7 days per week).

The minimum amount of time a Christian should give to his or her Christian activities are:

• At least one hour per week in public worship

• At least one hour per week in group Bible study

• At least one hour per week in private devotion

• At least one hour per week in Christian service.

How much money should a Christian give to the church?

There are three simple principles to guide a Christian about his or her material possessions:

• It all belongs to God

• You are the manager of what we normally say you own

• You are to manage it according to God’s principles that are revealed in the Bible. (The Old Testament Jews were required to give 10% of their increase.)

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