Timeline of Bible Events

Lee Delbridge

4004 BC Creation – Adam and Eve

2348 BC. The Flood

2091. Abraham entered Canaan

2066. Isaac & Jacob born

2135. Abraham birth

2000 BC Abraham

1991 BC. Abraham died

1975 Joseph

1886 BC. Isaac died

1876 BC. Jacob moved to Egypt

1446 BC. The Exodus

1000 BC High Point of Jewish History

931 BC Kingdom Split

852 BC. Elijah/Elisha

722 BC Assyria Captures the Northern Kingdom

586 BC Babylon Captures the Southern Kingdom

539 BC Medes and Persia Overthrow Babylon

539 BC Cyrus, King of Persia gives the Jews permission to return to their homeland

538 BC Zerubbabel and some Jews return and rebuild the Temple

515 BC Temple Rebuilding Complete

458 BC Ezra and some Jews return

445 BC Nehemiah and some Jews return to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem

4 BC Jesus is born in Bethlehem

29 AD Jesus Begins His Ministry

33 AD Jesus is crucified

33 AD The Church Begins in Jerusalem

95 AD John the Apostle writes Revelation

Future Events

The Rapture Occurs – Jesus Returns for His Saints

Seven Year Tribulation on Earth

Bema Judgment for Rewards in Heaven

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven

Jesus Returns to Earth with His Saints

The Battle of Armageddon

1000 Year Reign of Christ on Earth

Satan loosed for a short period of time

Great White Throne Judgment

Eternity — Heaven / Hell

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